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The Veterans Call to Action Collaborative (VCAC) is a network of Active Duty, Reserve and Veterans of the United States Military whose goal is to affect meaningful change in government policy as it pertains to our military service members and their families, through a peaceful but powerful show of unity.

There are more then 75,000,000 Active Duty, Reserve and Veterans at present living in the United States. United we can send a powerful message to Congress. There are variouis ways we, 75 million strong can be heard by our lawmakers: phone calls, signing petitions, emailing your congressman, gathering at the Whitehouse in times of policy changes, etc. We owe it to our brother's and sister's and their families to join in solidarity to our cause.

The VCAC will be asking for your support by signing up as a member, free of charge, so we can send you informed about issues that affect all of the men and women that served this great country of ours. We will request your show of support by using social media, petitioning policies, contacting your government representatives, as well as utilizing whatever other avenues that are made available for you to be heard all the way to Capital Hill.
To find your Senator and Representative go here: Website
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