The American Psychiatric Association view PTSD as ananxiety (emotional)
disorder, which stems from a particular incident evoking significant stress,
defines post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD can be found among
veterans experiences in combat. The fact is, PTSD is a new name for an old
story—war has always had a severe psychological impact on people in
immediate and lasting ways.  years as  incidents in history prove beyond a

The point is that throughout history, men and women have acted to
suppress the horrors that they’ve seen. It’s time we recognize that for what it
is—as not only the outward manifestation of PTSD, but the clearest evidence
we have that wars are destructive in other ways than in body counts. It takes
many years for even the most sane among us to arrive at what we have seen
and wanted to forget.
PTSD if left untreated WILL lead to a lifetime
of disappointment for you and your family.
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PTSD has a history that is as significant as the malady itself. It’s
been with us now for thousands of years as  incidents in history
prove beyond a doubt. Today, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is
marked by a re-experiencing of the trauma in thought, feeling, or
dream content, which is in turn evidenced by emotional and
psychological numbing.
PTSD is characterized by depression, loss of interest in work or
activities, psychic and emotional numbing, anger, anxiety, cynicism and
distrust, memory loss and alienation, and other symptoms. Who would
not be alienated from the scenes of death witnessed by soldiers?