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"Making a Difference"
Under Construction
"Making a Difference"
Food & Nutrition
the Dolores Galvan-Williams Veterans Organization    PO Box 337     Davisburg, MI 48350

                                                    Working for You.
So many of us are struggling with weight issues brought on by the foods we eat, the change in lifestyle
after discharge, illness and age. Finding the time to eat right and exercise can be difficult with todays
busy schedule. Doing the research goes a long way in helping you make the right food choices but this
can be not only be time consuming but difficult to understand as well.
DGWVO offers classes that you and your family
can take to help you with these difficult tasks. Our
professional nutritionist can show you how to
prepare delicious healthy meals with you lifestyle in
mind. Need a special diet? Our staff can help you
with that. Are you having weight issues we can help
you get down to your ideal weight and we can help
you stay there.
The government offers a variety of resources and programs
designed to help you with these issues
Offers a wide range of information designed to help you
live a healthier active life
An excellent source of information regarding healthy eating,
proper exercise for you and your family and much more