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"Making a Difference"
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"Making a Difference"
Financial Services
the Dolores Galvan-Williams Veterans Organization    PO Box 337     Davisburg, MI 48350

                                                    Working for You.
Our staff of experts can help you consolidate you monthly expenditures. We can talk with your
creditors to help reduce your payments and keep you from ending up on the street. Visit or
Veterans Action Center or check out these resources for help. Don't wait until it's to late - take
action now. We are here to help you.
Money is at the top of everybody's list of importance for survival. Today more than ever budgeting is
a must if you don't want to end up on the street. The Dolores Galvan-Williams Veterans Action
Center holds classes to help you understand budgeting and how you can better manage the money
you have to work with.
Clearpoint (R) can help you with financial
education and resources
USAA (R) can help you prepare for your future
Chase (R) can help you with your home needs
Studies and commentary  show that many veterans
struggle with reintegrate into a lifestyle where they
suddenly have to manage finances and take on
responsibilities that played a less important roles
during their service. For those with any sort of serious
injury while overseas, this is an even bigger problem
Recent studies show that veterans with PTSD face
medical expenses that are three and a half times
higher than for those without PTSD.