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"Making a Difference"
Under Construction
"Making a Difference"
Emergency Services
the Dolores Galvan-Williams Veterans Organization    PO Box 337     Davisburg, MI 48350

                                                   Working for You.
Mark A. Hackel
County Executive
Macomb County Community Service Agency
A Community Action Agency
Mark A Hackel
County Executive
Situations in life can sometimes create problems that can seem overwhelming to deal with. The
lose of a job, sickness, death can all put a strain on ones financial stability. In these emergency
situations people are often under so much pressure that it's difficult to think with a clear head and
trying to get help can be difficult. There are resources available but they can sometimes be very
hard to locate especially when under stress.
At the Dolores Galvan-Williams Veterans Action Center
we are making it our mission to insure that these
stresses will be keep at a minimum. We can help you
deal with the situation your are having and get you the
help you need.
Our veteran advocate will walk you through the process of
getting your needs met. We will help you fill out your
paperwork, get you the documentation you need, and  
make sure when you leave the facility the issues you are having will be address and resolved.
Visit us at our Veterans Action Center or check out the resources available for help
in your area.