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"Making a Difference"
the Dolores Galvan-Williams Veterans Organization    PO Box 337     Davisburg, MI 48350

                                                   Working for You.
The primary mission of this organization is to create a facility where veterans and their families can go to
receive the type of assistance they may need to solve issues preventing them from leading a happy
productive life. Reducing the problems veterans are suffering with goes a long way in reducing violent,
numbness, bad memory, nightmares, insomnia, guilt, hopelessness, no focus, hallucination, anger,
self-destruction, shame, flashbacks, and other related issues plaguing
them. In addition by reducing
these issues it will also reduce that long term costs that the government in
curs dealing with long term
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
The Dolores Galvan-Williams Veterans Organization is a non-profit
organization* dedicated to help veterans have a happy life. The organization is
the brain child of James A. Williams who wanted to do something to honor
his wife, who passed away on April 05, 2012. She was married to James for
almost 25 years and saw first hand the toll  being in combat  had taken on her
husband who suffers from PTSD. Dolores was very passionate about people
and was always active in her community helping those less fortunate anyway
she could.

It is this passion she had for people and her passion for veterans that James
wants to show to others by helping veterans who are having trouble entering
back into civilian life.
* pending IRS approval
About Us
Dolores Galvan-Williams Veterans Organization will work with other non-profits organizations who's  mission it is to help veteran with
ssues they may be suffering with upon returning home. To accomplish this task we will be developing a partnership between
and we will refer veterans to the organization that can best provide the type of service they need. By housing these
non-profit organizations in the same facility, not only are we providing the veteran with local services, but also at the same time we can
reduce the amo
unt of overhead expenditures these other organizations are incurring by sharing the cost of building expenses.

We are in negotiations with a group which have a building of substantial size to house the organizations and the programs we plan on
putting in place. The building which is located in Macomb county is in an area best suited to handle veterans and family from the Metro
Detroit  Tri-county area. Our goal is to handle as many as 400 veterans per day who are dealing with a variety of issues. An advocate
will be assigned to every veteran or family member who enters the Action Center for help. We will walk them through the paperwork to
guarantee it get filled out with the least amount of stress. Should additional information be needed we will help the veteran or family
member obtain this information from the appropriate agency. We are resigned to achieving 100% satisfaction for these veterans and
family members.